InnateHosting offers hosting and email support via an online ticket reporting system. Please use the support system for any problems you may have or for assistance with your new domain or email account/s.

On registration of a new Domain Name, access details will be emailed to you enabling you to make use of the control panel where you may setup your own email accounts, check your website traffic and view numerous other options and details relative to your package.

SPAM FILTERS: Our Packages offer you the ability to adjust your own Spam Filter to regulate spam, and also the ability to check your spam folder online for any ‘false-positives’ (when legitimate email is classes as spam and sent to the spam folder). Rules can also be created on the server to ‘whitelist/blacklist’domains further providing you with more control and security.

Please refer to our F.A.Q. for more information on how to set up email accounts in your Control Panel and then on your PC with Outlook/Outlook Express.