• How do I create a new email account?

    Login to your control panel using the details sent to you in when setting up your domain. This is usually (where your domain is your domain name). The menu on the right of the screen allows you to view your mail accounts. Click on “Mail” to get started. By clicking “New Account” you are able to enter the name you wish to use i.e. “info” for Create a user note to store the password and then type in the password twice. Click on Save to activate your new email account.

  • How do I set up the account in Outlook/Outlook Express?

    Using the newly activated email account you can now set up the address in Outlook or Outlook Express. All email software will require the same details and the following should see you sending and receiving mail in no time:
    Click on Tools > Accounts (Email Accounts)
    Click on Add Mail or select Add a new email account and click Next.
    The Server Type is POP3.
    Now enter in all your details remembering to use your full email address as your user name. Your Incoming mail server will be and your Outgoing server; (where is your newly created domain name)
    In Outlook Express, you will need to edit the account and find the “Servers” tab. Select the check box that says “My server requires authentication” and click Apply. In Microsoft Outlook, one can click on the “More Settings” button and click on the “Outgoing Server” tab to find similar options.

  • What is SMTP authentication and why is it necessary?

    SMTP authentication ensures that no-one else can send mail using your outgoing server without first authenticating themselves with your private details. This ensures security and privacy on your account.

  • How do I upload my website to my server?

    FTP (file transfer protocol) is the protocol commonly used to upload your website to the server. An FTP client/Web development Software on your desktop will require a Server Address, user name and password to allow FTP. The FTP details can also be found on your account ready message and the correct location to place your new web content on the server is in the /public_html/ folder.

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